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The DNA of the brand is made up of modern handcraft,
cultural heritage, quality and elegance.



Meaning of Bera

Bera is an Arabic word. The word was used by former Turkish people and it meant the chosen one, distinguished, prestigious and elite. Today, it continues to bear the same meaning. Bera represents the union of co-founders Beyza and Busra’s names along with their late mother Berrin’s name. It has a precious and special meaning. As for the idea behind the logo: It is the journey of the 4 Bs towards eternity. A tribute to the four-leaf clover... Beyza & Büşra & Berrin & Bera

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Dna of Bera

Dna of Bera Consists of modern craftmanship, cultural heritage, quality and elegance. Bera has unique designs and entrusts masterful touches of artisans on premium quality leather. Bera builds its brand philosophy on productivity of women and derives its strength from women power in all phases from production to marketing. Each Bera piece is produced in Turkey with special craftsmanship. Bera’s tale of birth and reason to hold on to life leans on women’s productivity and sustaining Turkish craftsmanship. The length of designs coming into life takes much longer than alternative brands.

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About Us

Özge, Beyza, Büşra

Bera is a brand that came to life when three close friends combined their forces. The reason behind becoming successful in such a short time is the impeccable team spirit. When Beyza, Büşra and Özge joyfully fulfilled their tasks based on their education and interests, a young, innovative and talented brand that forms a strong connection between the past and today emerged. Büşra’s interest and experience in the past and fashion, Beyza’s marketing communication and education, And Özge’s interior design education and design codes Allowed a strong identity such as Bera to be born.


Unique, handcrafted design in which art, fashion and tradition meet. Discover Bera World and Shop now.

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Gabri, XX21

GABRI became the legacy of one of the oldest bag masters of Turkey with its nostalgic design codes. Inspired by Armenian bag master Gapriel, it will become the most special model of 2021/22 season of Bera after a much tedious design process.

Inspiration: Unique, handcrafted and luxury handbag

GABRI as an oversize clutch, it definitely conveys a certain softness because of the commonly unstructured design. Often carried under the arms, these clutches looked pillowy.


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Dila, XX21

DILA was designed as the it-bag of the 2021-22 season. DILA means loving sincerely from the heart. DILA’s story of becoming a source of inspiration to Bera is due to dear Dila Tarkan. The way she embraced Bera sincerely since day one, the way she integrated it into her own style and the fact that she was the only person who saw the first version of DILA Bag is the reason why we wanted to give her name to this bag.

Inspiration: Unique, handcrafted and luxury handbag

The word comes from Farsi and it has a unique, assertive, calm and functional design.


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Hera, Summer 19-20

An old Greek word. The strong warrior woman of mythology. We wanted to give a powerful and sturdy name to Bera’s most characteristic model thus we combined Hera with our iconic model.

Inspiration: Unique, handcrafted and luxury handbag

Tote Bag with handle top and removable shoulder strap.


Art and Craft

Eda Akkır x Bera
Studio Klen x Bera



Interior Designer Eda Akkır Zamanpur; customized some Bera bags her own style. Inspired by nature, dessert vibes… During locked down creates a new field for Bera.
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Studio Klen; makes unique, handmade sculptural designs. Inspires by architecture, city of Graz and universe.
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Press Section


Gündüzden geceye mükemmel ve fonksiyonel şıklığın kuvvetli tamamlayıcısı olan modeller ile geçmişle günümüz arasında güçlü bir bağ kuran, genç, yenilikçi bir marka.

Image — Vogue Mag

Bera Design, yüksek kalite el işçiliği, zanaatkar dokunuşlar ve hakiki derinin mükemmel uyumunun hakim olduğu zamansız koleksiyonlarıyla modaseverlerin beğenisini topluyor.

Image — Instyle Mag

Bera’nın çıkış noktası kültürel mirasımızın bizde bıraktığı gelenekselliğe dayanıyor. Çok zengin, köklü ve modernize edilmiş modelleri ile Bera hayranlık uyandırıyor.

Image — Elle Mag

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