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The masterpiece of Bera’s Refined Craft is LUNA that is 

the art of making design with local women’s hands. %100 recycled 

and hand crafted. Inspired by the nature and re-existence. Each Bera design is crafted with artisanal savoir-faire, distinctive shape, exquisite leathers. Our mission is to develop long-lasting and timeless products. We believe that the path to a more sustainable world is through better and more conscious consumption.

Luna Black - Bera DesignLuna Black - Bera Design
Luna Black Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Vanilla - Bera DesignLuna Vanilla - Bera Design
Luna Vanilla Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Camel - Bera DesignLuna Camel - Bera Design
Luna Camel Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Reddish Brown - Bera DesignLuna Reddish Brown - Bera Design
Luna Reddish Brown Sale price9,000.00TL
Sold outLuna Dusty Green - Bera DesignLuna Dusty Green - Bera Design
Luna Dusty Green Sale price9,000.00TL
Sold outLuna Banana - Bera DesignLuna Banana - Bera Design
Luna Banana Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Sea Shell - Bera DesignLuna Sea Shell - Bera Design
Luna Sea Shell Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Rose Haze - Bera DesignLuna Rose Haze - Bera Design
Luna Rose Haze Sale price9,000.00TL
Sold outLuna Sunrise - Bera DesignLuna Sunrise - Bera Design
Luna Sunrise Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Rainbow - Bera DesignLuna Rainbow - Bera Design
Luna Rainbow Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Almond Haze - Bera DesignLuna Almond Haze - Bera Design
Luna Almond Haze Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Sunset - Bera DesignLuna Sunset - Bera Design
Luna Sunset Sale price9,000.00TL
Luna Viola Haze - Bera DesignLuna Viola Haze - Bera Design
Luna Viola Haze Sale price9,000.00TL